Friday, 14 June 2013


For me, atheism came in the form of a realization about our eventual encounter with another species from a different planet. I believe it is an eventuality because to me, mathematically, there are just too many other planets in our Galaxy for there not to be life similar to ours out there. Somewhere.

I believe the only obstacle to this happening, is us. We may blow ourselves up, on purpose or accidentally. We may never get the chance to meet another people, from another world. That would suck.

So when (if) we meet this other species, will they already know about Jesus Christ? or Buddha? or Mohammed? Of course not! How could they? Their culture will make up their own stories.

So how could a God who is omnipotent, not tell this alien culture about Jesus, who is (according to Christians), the only way into heaven?

I know that is a similar argument to the "God so loved the white Europeans, that he told them about Jesus a millennium and a half before telling the Natives of North America." I think my realization trumps even this obvious problem with the theory. To me, it goes to the root of religious fallacy.

Would we really be so pompous and arrogant as to suggest to these other worlders, that their version of their own history is incorrect.

It was an apple in a garden. It was a spectacular flood that wiped out most of the world. It was a mountain that moved. Frickin' moved.

It was Jesus, not whatever story you came up with. "Your stories just don't add up like ours do."

But I digress. If we are fortunate enough to see the day that our people, meet people from another planet and they say "Have you heard the Good News about Jesus Christ?" I will eat my hat. Until then. I'm not buying any of it.

What do I believe in? Science. Us. We can do it and in fact, have done it. To give credit to a supreme being is to take credit away from us.

I am not against religion as much as I am for Science and Space Exploration.

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